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November 2, 2008


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Please watch this space for updates!

How to Use plz Accounts

For any account name (plz account or otherwise), you can embed the icon in a journal entry or comment.

For example, you can embed the :iconbrainplz: icon for brainplz by entering the character string like this, but without the spaces:

: iconbrainplz :

The account URL should appear when you mouse over the icon.

If you enjoy my list of plz accounts, please click [here] to see my :gallery:
I have digital art (including fractals and animations), humor, free tools and textures, and some interesting photography!

For a directory of small-sized emoticons, please visit :icontherealdax: therealdax.

The multi-part directory of plz accounts begins here.

:icon1337plz: 1337plz

:icon1upnoesplz: 1upnoesplz

:icon300plz: 300plz

:icon8dplz: 8Dplz

:iconabeplz: abeplz

:iconabesapienplz: abesapienplz

:iconackbarplz: ackbarplz

:iconagnryplz: agnryplz

:iconahoyplz: ahoyplz

:iconalice-cullenplz: alice-cullenplz

:iconallthaplz: allthaplz

:iconamyroseplz: amyroseplz

:iconangelplz: angelplz

:iconangry-plz: angry-plz

:iconangryplz: angryplz

:iconareyoukiddingplz: areyoukiddingplz

:iconaustraliaplz: australiaplz

:iconavatarplz: avatarplz (another list of plz accounts)

:iconawesomebabyplz: awesomebabyplz

:iconawesomecatplz: awesomecatplz

:iconawesomesauceplz: awesomesauceplz

:iconawesomesnakeplz: awesomesnakeplz

:iconawwehplz: awwehplz

:iconawwwplz: awwwplz

:iconaxeplz: axeplz

:iconbabeplz: babeplz

:iconbabyplz: babyplz

:iconbackhug: backhug

:iconbackspacepwn: backspacepwn

:iconbaconplz: baconplz

:iconbangkillplz: bangkillplz

:iconbanhammerplz: banhammerplz

:iconbannedplz: bannedplz

:iconbarneyseesplz: barneyseesplz

:iconbarneythedinosaur: barneythedinosaur

:iconbarplz: barplz

:iconbartplz: bartplz

:iconbasementcatplz: basementcatplz

:iconbashplz: bashplz

:iconbatmanplz: batmanplz

:iconbatmanwhutplz: batmanwhutplz

:iconbawwplz: bawwplz

:iconbeedleplz: beedleplz

:iconbeefyplz: beefyplz

:iconbehappyplz: behappyplz

:iconbemyvalentineplz: bemyvalentineplz

:iconbennyplz: bennyplz

:iconbidenplz: bidenplz

:iconbigheartplz: bigheartplz

:iconbikiniplz: bikiniplz

:iconbillclintonplz: billclintonplz

:iconbillgatesplz: billgatesplz

:iconbisonplz: bisonplz

:iconblankplz: blankplz

:iconblankstareplz: blankstareplz

:iconblarryplz: blarryplz

:iconblockplz: blockplz

:iconblockatielplz: blockatielplz

:iconbloodvomitingplz: bloodvomitingplz

:iconblushingplz: blushingplz

:iconblushplz: blushplz

:iconblush--plz: blush--plz

:iconbodybuilderplz: bodybuilderplz

:iconbohemianrhapsodyplz: bohemianrhapsodyplz

:iconboing-boingplz: boing-boingplz

:iconboomplz: boomplz

:iconboomboomplz: boomboomplz

:iconboratplz: boratplz

:iconbowsaplz: bowsaplz

:iconbowserplz: bowserplz

:iconbowserbellyplz: bowserbellyplz

:iconbrickwallplz: brickwallplz

:iconbritney-plz: britney-plz

:iconbugsbunnyplz: bugsbunnyplz

:iconbugsqueen: bugsqueen

:iconbunnehplz: bunnehplz

:iconburdplz: burdplz

:iconbwavoplz: bwavoplz

:iconcabbagerollsplz: cabbagerollsplz

:iconcaekplz: caekplz

:iconcakeplz: cakeplz

:iconcamelplz: camelplz

:iconcanadaplz: canadaplz

:iconcanyouhearthebass: canyouhearthebass

:iconcaptainfalconplz: captainfalconplz

:iconcarameldansenplz: carameldansenplz

:iconcaramelldansenplz: caramelldansenplz

:iconcarltonplz: carltonplz

:iconcatplz: catplz

:iconcatearsplz: catearsplz

:iconcatslugplz: catslugplz

:iconcatstock: catstock

:iconcatwomanplz: catwomanplz

:iconceilingcatplz: ceilingcatplz

:iconchaoplz: chaoplz

:iconcharmanderplz: charmanderplz

:iconcheckersplz: checkersplz

:iconcheeseplz: cheeseplz

:iconcheeseburgerplz: cheeseburgerplz

:iconcheezburgerplz: cheezburgerplz

:iconchickendanceplz: chickendanceplz

:iconchowderblushplz: chowderblushplz

:iconchrismoarplz: chrismoarplz

:iconchristmastree: christmastree

:iconchocolateheartplz: chocolateheartplz

:iconclapplz: clapplz

:iconclassyplz: classyplz

:iconcloudplz: cloudplz

:iconclownplz: clownplz

:iconcollect-icons: collect-icons (list of plz accounts)

:iconcolt45plz: colt45plz

:iconcokeplz: cokeplz

:iconcommodoreplz: commodoreplz

:iconcompanioncubeplz: companioncubeplz

:iconcompanioncube: companioncube

:iconcookiemonsterplz: cookiemonsterplz

:iconcookieteaseplz: cookieteaseplz

:iconcoolplz: coolplz

:iconcosbyplz: cosbyplz

:iconcowplz: cowplz

:iconcrawlingplz: crawlingplz

:iconcrazycatplz: crazycatplz

:iconcrazyplz: crazyplz

:iconcritplz: critplz

:iconcriticplz: criticplz

:iconcrosswalledplz: crosswalledplz

:iconcrowfaceplz: crowfaceplz

:iconcrownplz: crownplz

:iconcryingplz: cryingplz

:iconcryplz: cryplz

:iconcuddleplz: cuddleplz

:iconcuteplz: cuteplz

:iconcutecatplz: cutecatplz

:iconcutehiplz: cutehiplz

:iconcuteicondividerplz: cuteicondividerplz

:iconcutestkittyplz: cutestkittyplz

:iconcutieplz: cutieplz

:icondalekplz: dalekplz

:icondanananaplz: danananaplz

:icondancingcatplz: dancingcatplz

:icondanjoplz: danjoplz

:icondarkmoon36: darkmoon36

:icondarthvaderplz: darthvaderplz

:icondavidtennantplz: davidtennantplz

:icondawwplz: dawwplz

:icondeadaccount: deadaccount

:icondeadhorseplz: deadhorseplz

:icondeathhugplz: deathhugplz

:icondeathplz: deathplz

:icondeathstareplz: deathstareplz

:icondelightfulplz: delightfulplz

:icondesuclub: desuclub

:icondesuplz: desuplz

:icondesudesuplz: desudesuplz

:icondevilfaceplz: devilfaceplz

:icondimwattplz: dimwattplz

:icondiscoplz: discoplz

:icondishwasherplz: dishwasherplz

:icondizzy-plz: dizzy-plz

:icondoctorwhoplz: doctorwhoplz

:icondohplz: dohplz

:icondollarplz: dollarplz

:icondomokunplz: domokunplz

:icondomokunisnothappyplz: domokunisnothappyplz

:icondonkeyplz: donkeyplz

:icondoomplz: doomplz

:icondoorplz: doorplz

:icondopeplz: dopeplz

:icondorkdanceplz: dorkdanceplz

:icondothemarioplz: dothemarioplz

:icondoublehugplz: doublehugplz

:icondrdrewplz: drdrewplz

:icondressplz: dressplz

:icondrhouseplz: drhouseplz

:icondrinkplz: drinkplz

:icondrmarioplz: drmarioplz

:icondroolplz: droolplz

:icondrugsplz: drugsplz

:icondrunkplz: drunkplz

:iconduckplz: duckplz

:icondurrrplz: durrrplz

:iconduhplz: duhplz

:icondweebdanceplz: dweebdanceplz

:iconefgplz: efgplz

:iconeggplz: eggplz

:iconeggsplz: eggsplz

:iconelectromechanicalplz: electromechanicalplz

:iconelephantplz: elephantplz

:iconelmoplz: elmoplz

:iconelvisplz: elvisplz

:iconemoishappyplz: emoishappyplz

:iconemoluigiplz: emoluigiplz

:iconengineerplz: engineerplz

:iconenvywhutplz: envywhutplz

:iconepicboogieplz: epicboogieplz

:iconepicfailgaiplz: epicfailgaiplz

:iconepicfail2: epicfail2

:iconepicwinplz: epicwinplz

:iconevidenceplz: evidenceplz

:iconevileasterplz: evileasterplz

:iconevilplz: evilplz

:iconevilkittyplz: evilkittyplz

:iconevilmonkeyplz: evilmonkeyplz

:iconevilpowerplz: evilpowerplz

:iconevilwardenplz: evilwardenplz

:iconewplz: ewplz

:iconexcitedplz: excitedplz

:iconexcitedflirtplz: excitedflirtplz

:iconexcitedlinkplz: excitedlinkplz

:iconexplodingvanplz: explodingvanplz

:iconeyeplz: eyeplz

:iconeyetwitchplz: eyetwitchplz

But wait, there's more!

Please click this link to view the next part of the list:
List of plz accounts (part 2)

If you have enjoyed my list of plz accounts, please click [here] to see my :gallery:
I have digital art (including fractals and animations), humor, free tools and textures, and some interesting photography!
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redking778 Oct 1, 2013  Student Artist
Clap  :)
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More plz
:iconbrainplz: just testing,im new to deviant so i dont really know xD
TheN0Gravity Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Does this work? I'm just testing here out of theory because I'm too lazy to look for it.

Forgive me if it doesn't work. I'm not trying to spam or anything.
i'll add another one :iconmonroeplz :
fatichan Jul 9, 2013
XMistTheWhiteWolfieX Jul 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
:icondonkeyplz: I like that boulder, that is a nice boulder
MIZZLOLSHIPER Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
MIZZLOLSHIPER Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
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